Since Jun 2012

Zumbini Class FAQ's

  1. Can I try out class first before registering for the session?
    • YES! New parents and caregivers are welcome to take their first class free before signing up for the full session. Come give it a try and see how you like it! If the time works with your family's schedule and you and your little one enjoyed class today, you can register for the session at the end of class. Once registration is complete, you will receive your very own Zumbini Bundle consisting of 2 Music CD's and 1 Songbook to take home. Please email Marvinna to reserve your free spot in class at . 
  2. What is the Zumbini classroom like? 
    • Zumbini classes are held in an enclosed room that is safe for you and your little ones.  Rooms are free of potential hazards and are kept as clean and clear as possible to allow your little ones the freedom to explore and move around the room safely. 
  3. Are the instruments or scarves cleaned? 
    • YES! Instruments are sanitized after every use with child safe, non toxic sanitizing cleaning wipes. Scarves are washed periodically throughout the session and if a child puts a scarf in his/her mouth that item will be washed before it is used again. 
  4. Who can come attend class with the kids? 
    • Zumbini Class is not just for mommies and their kiddos! Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts and even babysitters are welcome to attend as the caregiver with the child and participate with us! If you have guests in town that would like to attend and participate with us, please let Marvinna know in advance when possible. 
  5. What do the adults and children wear to class? 
    • Clothing: Parents, caregivers and children are encouraged to wear clothes that will allow them to sing, dance and move freely during class. And you just might sweat depending on how much you and your little one are moving around. 
    • Footware: Bare feet or indoor only shoes please! Our little ones like to move and crawl around the room and to keep the room clean parents and children are asked to either go barefoot or wear shoes that are only worn indoors. 
  6. What is the cancellation policy? 
    • If you need to cancel your session registration, you may receive a full refund if the cancellation is done prior to the 1st class of the session. A partial refund is available if you have already begun taking classes and have already received your Zumbini Bundle. Please contact Marvinna for exact details on cancelling after the start of the session.